janet morales: in the name of

20 - 24 June 2015 Language is a means through which we understand our social surroundings, but as linguistic anthropologists have made clear language also has an enormous influence in creating and shaping this social reality. The research exhibition - In the Name of - is interested in the pronoun as a power mechanism of language in the construction of the social world. 

The space will be used to conduct a ‘thought experiment’ that questions perceptions of a patriarchal social world by looking at the gender language used in the Bible to address God. Contrary to the popular image of a male God, theological tradition never assigned a sex to this entity.

Over a series of five consecutive nights a group of four different individuals will come together over a table to engage with this subject, weaving their own perspectives and experiences into the discourse. Each day sound recordings of these dialogues will become an extended performance as they are transcribed onto the table itself.

This exhibition is part of an artistic research project that uses art as an ethnographic research tool to gain new insights and knowledge about our social imaginaries by creating an immersive environment to stimulate a dialogue. 

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