leithlate15 / kirsty whiten: wronger rites

Wronger Rites Kirsty Whiten 1024x486

12 - 24 June 2015 LeithLate15 opened with a new solo exhibition Wronger Rites: The Quing of the Now Peoples by celebrated Scottish artist Kirsty Whiten at Gayfield Creative Spaces. In addition to her exhibition, Kirsty also installed a series of public artworks around Leith in the run-up to the exhibition opening, including a hand-painted mural on Dalmeny Street, numerous paste-ups, and a poster tower on Leith Walk exhibiting her work.

Wronger Rites: The Quing of the Now Peoples is a collection of new work by Kirsty Whiten, the sunny and wholesome procurer of monkey relics and feral lingerie model whose distinctive drawings and paintings have been exhibited internationally and gained many awards. Over 15 years, all her diverse work has sought to set up narratives that pick apart the social norm, particularly in relation to gender and sexuality, highlighting and criticising accepted behaviours.

Whiten has taken to watercolour to depict dancers and groups of crazed costumed figures. These tiny detailed studies are jewel-like, and as obsessive as anything from her back-catalogue. Some archetypes are singled out and blown up in bold oil paintings to near-life proportions. As ever the images draw us in with detail and careful rendering of the subjects, and simultaneously unsettle us with sharp humour and challenging subjects. Wronger Rites is an attempt to imagine sacred actions; colourful, by turns humorous and dark, and charged with animal energy.