Cordula Marks: The Third Kingdom Revisited

Cordula Poster

27th - 31st May 2016 Neither animal nor plant, fungi and mushrooms are their own Third Kingdom.  Neither here nor there, the land of Shendag Bertec – reached through a salt mine in war-time Berchtesgaden, is also a Third Kingdom.  This exhibition is a collection of mixed media representations of the characters and landscapes of a parallel world: the mythical Shendag Bertec. The drawings are illustrations and companion pieces to the story of Isa Raichenhall and her journey from a mid-20th century Europe torn apart by war to this strange land of strange people, in search of her missing friend.  The illustrative style of the images allows us to read our own stories into the pictures, following Isa’s journey into the unknown; they are part of their own kind of third kingdom, between image and narrative, picture and theme.

Cordula Marks Venters was born and grew up in Germany, where she developed her love for forests and their unique mythology. She has lived in Edinburgh since the 90s, where she has nurtured her love of illustration and illustrative storytelling.

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Opening times:
Story Telling Event: Friday 27th May 2016, 6-7pm
Exhibition daily: 10am-6pm