ed hadfield: urban interventions (3) - walking tour

urban interventions3

27 January 2016 Street signs have been installed on public sign posts in Edinburgh that bring positive values to the local communities of New Town and Broughton and the City Centre. Artist Ed Hadfield will be giving a walking tour of the street sign project 'Urban Interventions 3' on Wednesday 27th January, starting 1pm at Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, EH1 3NX. The project uses camera smartphone technology alongside Google Reverse Image Search software apps to enable people to actively engage with public art.

Somaesthetically Informed Public Art (SIPA) is a new term coming out of this project that explores aesthetically felt experiences in which the body and mind are indivisible entities.

'Urban Interventions 3' is a collaborative project with art organisations Gayfield Creative Spaces and Black Cube Collective based in Scotland.

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