Jill Martin Boualaxai: Stratigraphic

JMB Main HP2

23 - 28 February 2016 Stratigraphic by Jill Martin Boualaxai - an exhibition of painting, printing and found objects.

Stratigraphic (strəˈtɪɡrəfɪ ): Digging through the detritus like an unhinged archaeologist or treasure hunter. Jill collects the discarded objects and ephemera from the floors, cupboards and drawers. Old maps, architectural drawings, photographs, electrical components, mechanisms, rusted metal, boxes, glass, architectural salvage, broken plastics and wood. Jill collects everything.

[Archaeologcal Stratigrapgy] a vertical section through the earth showing the relative positions of the human artefacts and therefore the chronology of successive levels of occupation.

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