leithlate16/dennis & debbie club: The Improvement of Invalid Youth

LL 2016 HP1

23rd - 26th June 2016 “The Improvement of Invalid Youth” is a new audio-visual multi-projection installation by German-born and Glasgow based artist duo Dennis & Debbie Club, made for LeithLate16 and exhibited at Gayfield Creative Spaces with a soundtrack made by their long-time collaborator KCur.
The immersive CGI-based animation revisits the history of the site by taking as a point of departure a publication from 1856 with the same title, originally issued to advertise the “Home and School for Invalid and Imbecile Children”, which was located at 10 Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, just opposite the exhibition space.
While examining the semantic information archived in the historical text, the installation sets a surrealist stage for a discussion around the current neoliberal illusion of capitalism-as-meritocracy. An elusive authoritarian protagonist preaches ways for “the improvement” and social integration (or is it forced assimilation?) of the inhabitants of his kingdom – those that have for the longest time been allowed to wander at large and pass their time in complete idleness.
Dennis and Debbie Club work in digital moving image art and site-specific installations. Previous exhibitions include: OMA (2016, Lust & The Apple gallery), The Human’s Planet Earth (2016, Edinburgh Science Festival), Sluice_screens Prize (2016, The Hospital Club, London), Shit Job T-Shirt Uniform (2015, Transit Art Festival), The Strip (2015, Edinburgh Art Festival), New Management (2015, CABAC: Lux New Moving Image from Scotland, screened in Toronto, Montreal and Inverness Film Festival).

Opening times:
Thursday 23rd June 2016, 6-9pm
Friday 24th June 2016, 12-6pm
Saturday 25th June 2016,12-6pm
Sunday 26th June 2016, 12-6pm