Thomas Paints: Signs of Appreciation

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4th - 9th June 2016 An exhibition of sign painting, typography and sculpture by Thomas Paints.

Ace. Magic. Ta.
Thomas is designer who believes it's nice to feel appreciated. He enjoys old shop fronts, bad graffiti, and pub menus. He doesn’t resent requests to refrain from throwing plastics into the paper bin.

Because Thomas likes signs.
With a background in product design, he is fascinated by the typography, process and technique that go into the physical messaging around us. One day, his wife bought him enamels, brushes, and an instructional DVD. He’s never watched the DVD, but he started to paint signs.

Now Thomas is a sign painter too.
He gets a little better with every sign he paints, so he paints a lot of signs. You can find his work directing punters to the toilet at the Lyceum Theatre. But if you’d rather cut the drama, visit his exhibition coming up in Gayfield Creative Spaces this summer.

It’s a show of sign painting, typography and sculpture that’ll compliment everyone who visits. 

Expect signs.

Expect appreciation.

Expect signs of appreciation.

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