Summer 2015: Pop Up! Scotland, The Great Scottish Make Off

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25 - 31 August 2015 The Great Scottish Make Off from Pop Up! Scotland is an interactive art event unlike any other. We are exploring how artists work within limitations. Restrictions include: time, material, and tools, but the ultimate product is limited only by their imagination.

Over 7 days each of our selected artists will get 8 hours to create their masterpiece Scottish superhero. In the main room, Gayfield Bunker, each day one artist will work on his/her creation using materials sourced from local artshops, scrapyards, donations and sponsors. While the public watches a unique artwork will come together,in person or via live stream.

In the next room, Gayfield Depot, the participating artists’ “normal” work will be displayed in our art maze, allowing the artists to showcase and sell their work. Every evening we celebrate the days work with an art party. These nights will include music by hand selected local bands, a chance to see the work made thus far, and the chance for the public to get hands on to their creative sides with out modular art project.

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