Creative Carbon Scotland: Heating Up, A Year of Climate Action

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13th December 2016 Join Creative Carbon Scotland for their final Green Tease event of 2016 during which they will be looking back on a year of climate action across local/global scales and political, scientific and artistic spheres.

A year on from the ground-breaking international agreements made at the Paris Climate Summit (COP21), Creative Carbon Scotland is inviting the Green Tease network to join for a reflective discusssion on key political, scientific and artistic climate action taken in 2016 and challeneges being met on local and global scales in the face of rapidly changing global circumstances.

During the 'festive' gathering we'll hear from artists and cultural organisations who participated in ArtCOP Scotland during the Paris Summit, their past year of activity and thinking on the connections between cultural practices and environmental sutainability.  Alongside ArtCOP partners, well hear from the charismatic Jelte Harnmeijer of SCENE Community Energy Experts on what's been taking place on the international stage and the implications more locally.  Creative Carbon Scotland will also share their work and thinking of the past year and forthcoming projects in 2017.